Gala Wrap Up

01-21-2018Pastor's LetterFather George V. Wanser, S.J.

At the Annual Gala last night, we honored Kathleen and John Graham for their leadership of our capital campaign project. Their efforts were instrumental in our success and we will ever be grateful. We also celebrated Father Dan's 15 years of service to St. Francis Xavier Church & School. There are no words to express adequately our thanks to John, Kathleen, Fr. Dan and all of our community, and community-at-large who have contributed so generously.


Come and See

01-14-2018Pastor's LetterFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

Whew! Christmas season went by so quickly. But let's not lose the momentum. In this Sunday's readings, the Lord calls Samuel. Samuel answers, "Speak, Lord, your servant is listening." (Samuel 3:3ff).

The disciples asked Jesus: "Where do you live?" Jesus answered: "Come and see," (John 1:35ff) The Lord is calling us to get to know him more deeply. How will we answer his call to "Come and see"?