Holy Week

03-25-2018Pastor's LetterFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

As we enter Holy Week, let us continue to imagine ourselves present in the events leading up to Jesus’ Passion & Resurrection.

St. Ignatius of Loyola would have us meditate on the scriptures so that we may see what God might be telling us through them. A method we might consider for the Triduum--Holy Thursday through the Easter Vigil--is to read the Gospel of John from chapters 13-20 ahead of time. John is not meant to be read like a novel; choose a short passage and reflect on it. When something strikes you, stay with it and savor it. What may the Lord be trying to reveal to you?


Our Very Own Passover

03-18-2018Pastor's LetterFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

The devout Jew in Jesus’ me would have imagined him or herself present at the original Passover: slaying the lamb, placing the lamb’s blood on the portal of the house, eating the sacrificial meal, and giving thanks that the Angel of the Lord had ‘passed over’ his or her house.

St. Ignatius of Loyola invites us to be present present present as if we were actually there at the resurrection of Lazarus, at the last supper, commemorating the Passover, and at Jesus’ trial, Passion, and death.


Lord, That I May See

03-11-2018Pastor's LetterFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

In today’s gospel, the man born blind sees better than everyone else. In what areas are we blind to God’s message of love, faith and justice? Spend some time with this thought, and then ask in prayer “Lord, that I may see.”

En el evangelio de hoy, un hombre que nació ciego puede ver mejor que todos los de mas. ¿En que áreas somos ciegos al mensaje de amor, fe, y justicia de Dios? Tome tiempo con esta pregunta, y luego, rezando, pídale a Dios “Señor, que pueda ver.”

Practice of the Faith

03-06-2018Pastor's LetterFather George V. Wanser, S.J.

There is one thing schools can’t teach: practice of the faith.

We have four excellent Catholic schools and three formation programs available serving more than 4,000 young people.


40 Days of Self Reflection

03-04-2018Pastor's LetterFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

Question: how did Jesus know that the woman at the well was an outcast? Well, she was there at an odd hour alone, she was a Samaritan, she was a woman. Three strikes and she should have been out. But, Jesus approached her anyway.

In some way aren’t we all outcasts? Will we wait until we have our act together or are we going to let Jesus approach us as we are?

We are in need of living water right now, and there is no time like the present.