Restoring the Dome

It is with great enthusiasm we announce that the St. Francis Xavier Capital Campaign, “Realizing the Master’s Plan” has been fully funded through extraordinary sources. We’d like to take this moment to say thank you. Thank you to you for your contributions -- in all forms -- that helped us complete this campaign. We are grateful.

We now set our sights on restoring the church dome. Ironically, during the 12-year term of this campaign, our 60-year-old church was not included in the capital efforts.

This project, the largest of our maintenance efforts, will begin this summer; however, the entire effort to both repair, and restore the Dome, will require approximately one year to complete.

We ask that you consider whether or not you can help restore the dome. If you have questions, please call Laura Jordan, Parish Manager, 602-212-4511 whose team is overseeing this project.

Thank you for helping us honor our history and ensure our future.

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