The Master's Plan Project

"We are and will remain actively engaged in this parish and community, and in support of its  stewardship programs, for many years to come. We are especially proud of the imprint this project has made on the landscape of downtown Phoenix."

Kathleen and John Graham

Please read the recent speech given by John Graham at the “Coffee with Companions/Jesuit Strong-er” fundraising breakfast event, August 29.  

Good Morning. The “Master’s Plan” started 10 years ago with a total price tag of $25 million.  I’m happy to report that our current loan balance is $2.9 million.  

I’ve been involved in the redevelopment of the entire 60-acre piece of Central Phoenix including St. Francis, Brophy College Prep and Xavier College Prep.  As I look out across the campus and see the new facilities that house our ministries, students, special events and sporting events, I am in awe.  We worship, educate, play and – yes, party - at state-of-the-art facilities.  

To each of you who helped get us to this moment in time, Thank you.  We did this together.

Now, we look to the next step – how do we retire the debt once and for all?  

Before I answer that question, let me provide some background.

We recently completed an analysis of the Capital Campaign project and determined we are very close to closing out the campaign.  Here are the facts:

  • The original project was $25 million.  
  • Our campaign debt is $2.9 million.
  • We have identified $1.4 million in predictable contributions.  
  • This leaves $1.5 million in new donations to close out the campaign.  

With aggressive programming, and your continued support, we plan to make advance payments in FY 2019 and can likely retire the debt in two – three years rather than the five-year time-frame originally projected. This means that we need you to remain active in the campaign project.

If you’ve pledged before, please make those pledge payments, and continue to support the campaign to the best of your ability.

If you are making a pledge today, thank you. If you made a three-year pledge at last year’s Coffee with Companions event, please submit your second pledge.  If you plan to support a Campaign event in the future – the Gala is in January -- thank you.

I ask all of you to join me in committing whatever is comfortable to you to allow us to get this campaign finished. We are so very close.

As a parent and, as a member of this parish, thank you.  Together, we will retire the entire debt.

John Graham, Capital Campaign Council Chairman/President and CEO, SunBelt Holdings

NOTE: Projected gross income from the event: $200,000.00!!!

Video Montage prepared for Coffee With Companions Breakfast Highlighting different ministries of the parish.

Parish Center Demolition Timelapse

School and Faith Education Center

Historical Photos of St. Francis Xavier Parish