MERCY IN ACTION: St. Francis Xavier Parish and Catholic Charities Partnership

Ministry Information and Benefits to the Parish

On December 8, 2015, St. Francis Xavier Parish (SFX) joined in partnership with Catholic Charities (CC). The partnership is the Holy Spirit in action.

The partnership integrates the common programs, interests, and skills of both SFX and CC. The partnership operates within the values of Catholic Social Teaching, serving people of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities while remaining true to our faith.

We join together to minister to individuals and families facing crisis in our community. Together, we can embrace them with dignity and support. Together we welcome the stranger as Jesus teaches us.

How Does Our Parish Benefit?

Builds a strong community: Working together builds strong communities, our parish will have an opportunity to see the Gospel come to life as we help others.

Resources for Parishioners: Volunteer and service project opportunities to put our faith into action and support a good cause, whether it be for veterans, foster children, refugees, or any of our many cause areas.

Education: Our staff can provide Faith Based education to your parishioners around cause areas we are interested in.

Services: Catholic Charities can connect our vulnerable parishioners to support.

In April, 2016, SFX asked parishioners to put their faith in action and take part in the partnership by participating in a survey to determine common interests with SFX and CC. Parishioners were asked to identify ministries that they are called to support. Ministries on the survey are: North Star (youth education), DIGNITY Diversion (sex trafficking), Refugee Resettlement, Financial Education, Housing, Familias Unidas (immigration), My Sister’s Place (domestic violence), Foster Care, and Mana House (veterans). The results from the surveys will be added soon.