Stewardship Commitment Letter


October 29, 2023
Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear brothers and sisters,

This weekend, we continue our stewardship renewal. As I wrote to you previously, this is the one time of year when I ask you to prayerfully consider how you will use your time, talents, and treasure to support our parish next year.

The theme of this year’s renewal is Stamped with God’s Image. It refers to last Sunday’s gospel where Jesus says, ‘Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.’ (Mt 22:21) He leaves us with a question – what belongs to God? The answer is we do. We are stamped with God’s image – created in His likeness. Our presence in the world bears witness to the One who claims us as His own. We repay Him by living a generous and accountable life, knowing He is the source of all. This is stewardship.

Our 2022-23 annual report highlights how our parish bears witness to the gospel. This is possible through the contribution of our members. (Read the report here.) Last weekend, we heard personal testimonies from parishioners who have embraced stewardship as a way of life. They expressed the joy and grace they have experienced by contributing to the welfare of this faith community. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are stewards of His church and bear responsibility for it. This weekend, I share my reflection on how stewardship can propel our parish forward to serve the gospel in central Phoenix.

This way of life does not happen by accident but rather requires prayer and planning. It must be a priority in our checkbooks and on our calendars. I ask you to make it your priority. Explore current ministry opportunities to share your time and talent. Are you interested in creating something new? Our pastoral staff is here to support you. Finally, our online giving platform is a secure and convenient way to honor your financial commitment. You can create an account at Online Giving at SFX.

I invite you to join me in making a plan for the coming year. Talk to God. Talk to your family. Make an intentional decision. Please take this to prayer and make your commitment at Stewardship Commitment 2024.

In gratitude,
Fr. Robert A. Fambrini, SJ