Be Generous and Prudent with Parish Commitments

by International Catholic Stewardship Council  |  09/10/2023  |  News

For millions of kids in the Northern Hemisphere, September marks the beginning of school. Little ones bid a teary farewell at the kindergarten door, and college students embark on their first steps towards adulthood. For everyone in between, it’s a time when the lazy days of summer are transformed into a season of routines, schedules and commitments.


Giving Thanks For Our Parish Communions

by International Catholic Stewardship Council  |  11/13/2022  |  News

For most of us, the ultimate way we experience Christ’s active presence is in our parishes. It is there that we hear the Word of God and are nourished by the Eucharist. So, this Thanksgiving let us offer prayers of gratitude for our parishes, pastors, pastoral teams, parish leaders and all the faithful who gather together to give witness to Christ’s presence.


Christ and the Spirituality of Work

by An Article from International Catholic Stewardship Council  |  09/04/2022  |  News

On the first Monday of September, the U.S. observes Labor Day, a celebration of the strength and contributions of the nation’s work force. The holiday goes back many years. Congress passed an act establishing it in 1894, and it was promoted by labor unions as they grew in power.


Father's Day

by International Stewardship Council  |  06/19/2022  |  News

Father’s Day reminds us that fathers are a tremendous source of love, strength and protection for a child. Notwithstanding the faithful and heroic efforts of single moms bringing up children in today’s society, children still need to be around Christian men who are positive role models; men who are actively involved in their life of faith, possess spiritual passion, and are faithful fathers and husbands. Undoubtedly, parishes need more men to be involved in the spiritual development of young people.