Take Jesus' Words to Heart

02-24-2019Fr. Wanser's BlogFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

1 Samuel 26:2, 7-9, 12-13, 22-23
1 Cor 15:45-49
Luke 6:26-37. Luke's Beatitudes and SEron on the Plain certainly give the average Christian plenty of food for thought. Deacon Klein's holily last Sunday sparked quite the controversy.


Blessed are WE

02-17-2019Fr. Wanser's BlogFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

Try reading this week's Gospel passage from the perspective of "the poor." Instead of thinking of the poor as a social class, try thinking of the poor as those who know their need for God. For Jesus, the "Anawim" (the poor) are WE who have surrendered ourselves to God. Jeremiah sets the images and Luke brings them home. Blessed are WE when we trust in the Lord and surrender our lives to Him.


Let's Go Fishin'!

02-10-2019Fr. Wanser's BlogFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

Isaiah the prophet and Simon Peter the fisherman, both pleaded unworthiness when they were called by God. At Mass, right before Communion, we acknowledge our unworthiness and say with the Centurion, “speak but the word, and my soul will be healed”. Unworthy that we are, Christ calls us to be fishers of menand women. Jesus has given us a mission, so grab your fishing poles and let's go fishin’!


A Labor of Love

02-03-2019Fr. Wanser's BlogFr. George V. Wanser, S.J.

Today’s second reading, 1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13, is St. Paul’s hymn of love. Try reading the hymn and in every place that it says, “Love, replace it with God”. It helps put all of our endeavors in perspective. Without God is Love as our driving force, we have nothing.