Prophetic Love

by Fr. George Teodoro, SJ  |  01/30/2022  |  From Fr. Teodoro

If you have been to a Catholic wedding, then more likely than not, you have heard today’s second reading: Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, it is not pompous… Love never fails. And because we hear this reading at weddings, it has become synonymous with romantic love.

But the word in Greek that St. Paul uses is not eros – or passionate love. It is agape – self-giving love. It is the love of a parent for a child, the love that gives without counting the cost. It is the love that God has for his people, that he gave his only Son for our salvation. And it is this same love that we are called to return in the Great Commandment – to agape God with all your heart and to agape your neighbor as yourself.



by Cande de Leon, Executive Director of the Office of Mission Advancement for the Diocese of Phoenix  |  01/23/2022  |  From Andy Arvayo

Why does the word Evangelization sometimes intimidate us?

It’s interesting, I think every Christian at some point on the journey (I sure do hope so) will ask themselves, “How do I Evangelize?” In fact, when I speak to Catholics about Evangelization the overwhelming sentiment is that they don’t feel equipped or confident to be evangelists.


The Wedding Feast at Cana

by Fr. Tom Griffin  |  01/16/2022  |  From Fr. Tom Griffin

At the wedding feast in Cana, the unthinkable happened – the host ran out of wine! Mary and Jesus were guests at the feast and Mary understood the host’s embarrassment. Jesus had not yet started his public ministry and needed a nudge from his mother to get involved. Mary quietly said to her son; ‘they have no more wine’. Like most of us, he couldn’t say ‘No’ to his mother! So, Jesus performed his first miracle by changing water into the finest wine anyone had ever tasted.